Taking the Best Care of Your Breast Health

22 Aug

12% of women are at risk of getting breast cancer at a certain point in their lifetime, painting a rather scary picture for women. And looking at the cancer cases, just 10% of these actually happen to be hereditary. As such what we see in these, is the fact that of the one eighth chance there is of contracting the disease, these can be significantly reduced by educating oneself of some things and measures that can be taken to ensure that your breasts are always healthy and free of the risk of cancer. Here is a look at some simple breast health tips that can be taken to ensure that the breasts are properly taken care of in so far as health goes to ensure that their health is at the always top and eliminate as much as is possible the risk of breast cancer.

One of the steps to take to ensure that your breast health is ever at its best is to take part in regular exercise. Quite a number of Americans are obese and still there are more who are getting overweight by the day. This may be given to the fact that there is a poor exercise culture in our population and as a matter of fact, close to 80% of Americans actually aren’t good at working out.

Fat cells and the production of fat in the body produces the hormone estrogen and this is a hormone which when in high levels in the body, has been linked to certain cancers. Here’s how exercise helps in this; working out shrinks the size of the fat cells and this as such means that the body will be producing less estrogen in the end. Therefore, it is advisable to make sure that you get at least 150 hours of moderate intensity exercise in a week to ensure that your breast health is up to date and at least 75 hours of highly intensive workouts spread in the week in the event that you happen to be busy and cannot manage a 150-hour spread.

In so far as the need to take proper care of your health goes and deal effectively with the risk of breast cancer, it is as well advisable to ensure that you get the necessary breast examinations.  There are various breast examinations and screenings some of these being the clinical breast exams and the mammogram procedures and these will be advised to you by your specialist in most cases only advised by age and like specifics.  According to the experts, the ACS, these breast screenings should be conducted at least once a year. 

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